What is a Chit Fund ?
And How it Works?

It is a savings vehicle which enables participative savings. Each scheme has fixed number of members who save a fixed amount for a fixed period. Every month the scheme-runner, conducts an auction for the benefit of the members.

It is run as a reverse-auction where the “Prize Amount” is bid on discounts to it. This discount is shared equally among the members

A ceiling on the auction at 30% has been set. Each scheme is registered with the State Govt, as required under regulatory rules and the entire scheme value is placed as FD the with Registrar of Chits Govt. of Karnataka, thereby assuring that the members’ money is secure. It is a savings vehicle which enables participative savings.


Why Invest in Chit Fund ?

Allows you to Invest

This allows you to invest as per your needs and spending habits

Steady Returns

Steady returns because dividends are earned every month

Regular Saving

Inculcates the habit of compulsory and regular saving every month


Financial Exigencies

A subscriber can bid for the amount he requires in financial exigencies

Hasslefree Documention

You can get funds in a timely manner without the hassles of extensive paper work

Market Conditions

Investments are not affected by any market conditions


Why Shanthala Chits?

We are registered under the Chit Fund Act of 1982. The activities of a registered chit fund company are registered by the Chit Fund Act making Shanthala Chits the 100% safest option.

We offer multiple schemes that are designed to suit salaried individuals, professionals and business owners.

We have received a lot of appreciation for the speed at which we are able to disburse funds, particularly from members who have overcome financial emergencies.

We have played a major role in facilitating growth in business and growing capital assets for our members.

We are built upon a foundation of trust which has been created over the years while working with many satisfied customers.


I wanted to save some money, so I decided to invest with Shanthala Chits Pvt.Ltd. I really liked their wide range of chit groups which matches to the need of people from different walks of life and the other confidence factor is that it is a registered chit fund company. I had some medical emergency for which I had to bid my chit and the amount was given to me on the promised time and process was hassle free.

Bhanu Sharma
Trysquare Flooring Pvt.Ltd

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